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Faculty travel policy



  • Grants are available upon application to the School for:
  • conference participation

  • professional development

  • research.
  • Academic Staff Level A - C and General Staff on contracts 12 months or longer on 0.5 FTE or more, are eligible for a grant.


  • Academic Staff can apply for a travel grant at any time, as long as the travel does not occur within one year of commencing employment, or one year of returning from study leave.

  • General Staff must apply for a UWA Staff Development Grant before the School will consider a travel grant.

  • A conference grant will only be approved if the staff member is presenting a paper, organising a session, or participating as a discussant. Full documentation is required.

  • Only one successful grant application per staff member per calendar year will be allowed. If, however, a staff member wishes to forgo a grant in one calendar year and apply for a double grant in the following year, this will be considered.


    • Applications must be submitted to the Head of School or through the Discipline Chair.
    • Relevant supporting documentation must be attached to the application including:
    • a quote from Tertiary Travel or Kistend Campus Travel
    • conference abstract and record of acceptance of paper
    • outline of research project and details of how the proposed travel fits into the project.
    • details of outside funds which have been applied for and / or granted for research.
      • There is usually one to three weeks between an application being submitted and the applicant being informed of the result.

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